Artist Statement "Lampshade series"


"For many, a Lampshade is just that, a lampshade. For me, I see them as millinery. As art."


I decided to work on a series showcasing lampshades as ladies hats . It ended up being so much more. This series took me on an emotional and cathartic journey that took 5 years to complete.

I had to let the images in my mind come to me in their own time rather than force myself to be on a deadline to complete the series. Once an idea came to me it might be another several months to a couple years to complete the photo shoot. The right clothing was needed, the location, and of course the lampshade. I found the lampshades and clothing in Vintage stores from Seattle, WA to Miami, FL and states in between.

The last of the 3 series I photographed:

  • “Lady And The Chick” “Tattered Shade”, and “Planting Light In The Shade”, I could see a playfulness, a whimsy, Hope, which I had not felt in quite sometime.
  • Planting Light: The bulbs in the flower pot was my way of sending a signal, a beacon of hope to myself: “There is light on the way, you will come out of this shade of darkness and you will grow from it”.
  • Tattered Shade: The tattered and torn shade, the lightbulbs flying in the air represent the way I have felt emotionally and physically ... completely torn to pieces and wanting to escape and fly away!


~Deanna Urs

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